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Unitarian Universalist Church
Newberry, South Carolina



Christmas for Foster Kids: Santa's Friends

On Christmases 2010 and 2011, we provided Newberry foster children from 7 to 16 in Newberry with gifts in the form of backpacks filled with toys, toiletries, clothes, and shoes

These children were living in shelters. Many left home with only the clothes on their backs  and might not otherwise have had a Christmas.  We believe that we made a difference for them and plan to make this a tradition with Clayton

Rehabilitating Homes

(2010-11 In 2011, members participated in two plus day effort and rehabilitated two homes in Newberry, We repaired holes in floors and installed vinyl tile, painted exterior and interior features, scraped and painted the ceiling, rebuilt the front porch, patched cracks in the exterior of the home,, fixed holes in the floor, repaired closet doors, installed a ceiling fan/light combination in the kitchen and purchased lumber, paint and materials. Members also clipped overgrown foliage and cleared debris and broken glass from the yard.

In 2010, members, relatives. and friends of members and another small church (from Chapin) participated in a two day effort to rehabilitate a home in Newberry.  We repaired plumbing in all bathrooms (bathtubs and showers had not been working),  fixed the drier vent so that it no longer showers the recipients with lint, opened and repaired a number of windows that had been painted shut, painted several rooms, closed and built a door on a garage which transients had been camping in, scraped moss of it's roof, cleared detritus and caulked windows and doors.  For more information visit Operation Inasmuch,

Some church members also participated in the Salkehatchie Summer Camp project,

Livestock for Farming Families: Johna Mills Farmers Fund

We contribute to Hiefer International for livestock to improve the lives of needy families. This tradition was established in 2004 to honor the memory of Johnna Mills, a lifelong member and dairy farmer who gave a lot to others as well as our church.  Folks drop spare spare change into a glass jar, with the idea that small amounts, can result in positive change for farmers in other places. We are on our second glass jar (having worn out the first one!).

When the change jar is sufficiently full, we donate the change, originally to Mercy Corps, and now to Hiefer.International, an organization that helps impoverished families in other countries to become self-reliant. Hiefer provides livestock, training and resources to the families.  The animals are pregnant when given. The resulting offspring and training are then passed on from the first family to another family.

So far, we have purchased (symbolically), three dairy cows, goats, chickens, ducks, and four water buffalos. enabling a number of families in other countries to improve their lives..

For more information, visit and Mercy Corps..

Fund and Food Raising Activities

  • The Back to School Supplies Project - we collected and contributed school supplies to the project for elementary and middle school students
  • Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter Gifts (2009-10) - church members purchased and assembled gift baskets for families of needy students identified by Boundary St. and Gallman Elementary Schools.
  • Food Bank Activities: (2010) Church members collected groceries and made 7 monthly deliveries to the Manna House for about $75 dollars a month in contributions. Manna House is operated by volunteers in connection with Newberry County DSS
  • Church Yard Sale Fundraisers (2010 and 2011). Money and items to sell to raise money were donated to the Harvest Hope Food Bank and Sister Care.

Issues and Events

A Gathering of Faiths

(November 5, 2011): The public is invited to exhibits and presentations, to learn about beliefs, traditions and practices of 10 major religions in South Carolina including Baha’i, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Native American, Pagan, Sikh, and Unitarian Universalist. The event is sponsored by the Interfaith Partners of South Carolina.

Immigration Forum

(2010) A panel discussion with representatives from several backgrounds was held to help participants understand the issues concerning immigrints. The Forum involved participants from the Newberry County Schools, the College, and Spirit of Life Lutheran Church.

Finding Common Ground Gathering

(February 26, 2010) Approximately 70 individuals of different faiths met to discuss common elements among the world`s major religions. Presentations were made by leaders from the Christian, Jewish, Muslin, and Unitarian Universalist faiths. This was an opportunity for individuals to understand that more binds us together as creatures on this planet than separates us from each other.

World Cup Soccer Day

(2010) Ages ranged from elementary school students to adults from many backgrounds. The day included soccer activities, games, food, and live real time,  TV coverage of the World Cup! Several individuals from other faith backgrounds joined in to volunteer and make this a joyful day for all.




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Proposed for the Future:

Wedding Chapel - We would offer our lovely country chapel as a place where people who wish to be married in a church can do so.

Bone Marrow Drive - a one day event to encourage people to donate bone marrow to help others. Bone marrow is used for the treatment of

Clayton Traditions:

Christmas for Foster Kids; Santa's Friends

Johnna Mills Farmers Fund